Tiki Dog™ Aloha Petites™

The Only Premium Pet Food and Treats Dedicated Solely to Small Dogs

ST. LOUIS, July 24, 2017– Tiki Pets ®, leader of gourmet whole foods for pets, announced today the launch of Tiki Dog™ Aloha Petites ™, a range of indulgent wet, dry, treats and toppers made exclusively for small dogs.

According to APPA’s 2016 National Pet Owner Survey, a full 50% of all dogs owned are considered small, meaning less than 25 pounds, while large dog ownership has seen a downward trend since 2006.  “As the small dog population continues to rise, we saw a huge opportunity to provide small dogs with nutrition through whole food that’s made just for them,” said Olivier Amice, CEO of Whitebridge Pet Brands, the maker of Tiki Dog.

The updated Tiki Dog range maintains the original nutritional philosophy of a food made for all life stages, with all protein coming from animal sources.  With its hand-shredded fresh meat and fish as the first ingredients, this food is poised for the millennial pet consumer who’s looking for an exotic and sustainably sourced food experience for their small dog.  A refreshed website and a digital marketing campaign will help provide the critical information needed for consumers to make an informed choice.

Additionally, the Tiki Dog brand has a new look including updated fresh packaging, and a new Tiki Dog mascot and friends.  “Our brand has evolved. We wanted to have a fun and playful counterpart to Tiki Cat, and our new Tiki Dog is her perfect companion,” said Ann Hudson, vice president of marketing.  “Although we’ve updated the Tiki Dog, our nutritional message and philosophy remain the same…the highest quality, high protein, low carb ingredients combined for perfect, grain-free pet nutrition.”

Tiki Dog ™ Aloha Petites™ dry kibble comes in four protein varieties including, Chicken, Fish, Duck and Lamb; seven wet formulas in both cans and pouches and a variety pack, in addition to Tiki Dog ™ Aloha Petites™ Air-dried Morsels and Flavor Booster velvety smooth toppers.


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About Whitebridge Pet Brands, LLC
Whitebridge Pet Brands is an innovative food company that brings health and happiness to pet owners with a range of minimally processed, natural and wholesome dog and cat foods and treats. Whitebridge Pet Brands was founded in January 2015 with the merger of Cloud Star and Petropics, the maker of Tiki Brands.  Their portfolio includes Tiki Cat ® Tiki Dog ™ Petite Cuisine ®, Cloud Star ®, Buddy Biscuits, Wag More Bark Less ® and the recently acquired Dogswell ® brand. Whitebridge Pet Brands, LLC is a portfolio company of Frontenac Company.  http://frontenac.com/

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